We Trust their reviews

We use the services of Soda Pop Review on a regular basis especially with all the new soda manufacturers popping up around the country. We cannot take a chance with selling mediocre or untested soda to our customers and have made a great deal with this company to do all our soda testing and indeed have their reviews always been fast and honest. When they give their rating, we know it is accurate!

Antonio Castell, shop owners at

Send your Sample and Know You Get Accurate Ratings

A friend of mine recently told me about Soda Pop Review and since then have I used them four times already to test and rate the soda that we purchase from independent manufacturers. We need to know the sugar content and more before we sell to the public and this is by far the fastest and trusted results we have had. When they informed me that one of the samples were less than sugary or too much sugar, I knew that I should not stock that brand.

Penelope Post, Shopkeeper at

I Bottle my Own Root Beer and Get It Tested and Rated by Soda Pop Review

As a beer lover, I love nothing more than to bottle my own beer. The only downside is that I do not know how to accurately test or taste it and rate it. I cannot describe my own beer and since I started using Soda Pop review my sales have increased as they review and rate my beer and give it an accurate description. To hear that your beer does not taste very good might not be as great as you think, but to hear a positive response is even better. At least I know when I sell my own products I can show that it has been reviewed and what rating it has received.

Sam Shaw, owner at

I Trust This Company

I am an experimenter with various types of soda and root beer. I received a beer making kit from my wife a few years ago and since then I experiment with various flavorings and tastes. Unfortunately, I am not quite the best person to test my own beer and my friends love doing it simply to have the free beer. Finding an independent person to give me an honest and accurate review proved difficult until my wife saw this company Soda Pop Review. When they send me the review and rating, I know it is accurate as they even tell me what ingredients are predominant without me telling them.

Tom Sizemore, pianist at

Excellent Event at Soda Pop Review

We recently hosted an event for at Soda Pop Review and I have to commend this company for its excellent hospitality. It was a great fun day for the whole family with the organizers allowing us to take part in tier soda tasting and rating experiences. Everybody had fun and we might not be experts in soda tasting, but the entire day was awesome fun and laughter for our entire company and everybody whom we invited.

Ramazan Çelik, Online Casino Editor at