Brand Ingredients Picture Loren’s Rating Jeff’s Rating
Afri Cola CARBONATED WATER, SUGAR, CARAMEL COLOR,PHOSPHORIC AND MALIC ACID, CAFFEINE, NATURAL FLAVORS.  TNAfri Cola Odd shaped bottle and a flavor to match. What it lacks in flavor, it makes up in …….OK well maybe the bottle is kinda neat looking. Has a flavor which resembles that of the dirt covered roots of the African pungent tree.
Bennett’s Hot Cola


WATER,HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, COLA EXTRACT, SODIUM BENZOATE, HABANERO CHILI EXTRACT, (OH LORD!)  TNBennett's Hot Cola Oh sweet Jesus, save my mouth from melting… I should have known better. The first whiff out of the mug toasted my nostrils and watered my eyes. (Hint, drink with eyes closed, exhaling through nose with a raised mug may blind you). Sipping this drink is wrong, you must chug it for the full effect. It does have the added sensation of a whisky cola but, that is short lived. Drink one, I DARE YOU!!! (Jeff bet me a quater I wouldn’t finish it, I am now 25 cents dumber) OH HELL NO………I took a wiff of this shiz and it felt like I just snorted a straw of fire ants. One sip is all I needed. Soda should never taste like this. PERIOD. Must vomit before this reaches my arse. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!
Coca Cola (France) CARBONATED WATER, SUGAR, CITRIC ACID, ANTI-OXIDANT, NATURAL COLA EXTRACT.  TNCoca Cola (France) Who-What-Why? Why did they reformulate this for the French? Why does it taste so damned bad? Why did they screw up a perfectly good Coke and market it for snail happy pate snackers with poor attitudes? It tastes like hell, and rightly so… What the hey just happened? I know the bottle that we have here came from France. I want to say that it should taste the same all around the world. Obviously it doesn’t. The ingredients are written in French so I’m gonna have to do a little research. Coke and Pepsi are what we humans use to calibrate our cola senses. This bottle is slightly tainted.
Dr. Pepper CARBONATED WATER, IMPERIAL PURE CANE SUGAR, CARAMEL COLOR, PHOSPHORIC ACID, ARTIFICIAL AND NATURAL FLAVORS, SODIUM BENZOATE (PRESERVEATIVE), CAFFEINE  TNDr. Pepper Take two and call me in the morning. The imperial pure cane sugar really snaps the switch on the old taste buds. Dr.P has always been a favorite of min and will continue to be. I sure hope they never try and make a “New Dr.Pepper” mistake like Coke did. Wouldn’t you want to try a Pepper too? Who hasn’t had a Dr Pepper? What caught our eye was the difference in Dr Peppers. Most are made with a form of corn syrup sweetener.(cheaper for the bottling company). However the original recipe called for “Imperial Pure Cane Sugar”. (That is what we sampled here). Would I be able to taste the difference??? I dunno, can you?
Fukola CARBONATED WATER, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, CARAMEL COLOR, CITRIC ACID, CAFFEINE, BRAZILIAN GUARANA, NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR, LIME OIL, ORANGE OIL, CLOVE, HERBAL BLEND CONSISTING OF AMERICAN, SIBERIAN AND KOREAN GINSENG, AFRICAN CAPSICUM, DILL WEED, ECHINACEA, GINKO BILOBA, KOLA NUT, SAGE, DAMIANA, RED # 40, SODIUM BENZOATE TO PRESERVE FLAVOR..  TNFukola Another one of these , “Hey Merle, can ya did up some of aunt Rita’s organic-herb-granola type ingredients for a new soda?” concoctions. I usually like these but the Skeleteens made this drink a bit hard to rate. It is really sweet and make you want to play racquetball like a crazed militant. Luckily we don’t go off scent alone. Enough said on that. After reading the first page of ingredients, I had to wonder how in the world did they fit all that crap in one bottle.(and still have a coloring lighter than a 10 cent bottomless cup of iced tea?) After reading the second page of ingredients I thought I found the cure for every possible disease not yet invented. As for flavor…let’s not call it a cola. Let’s just say “sugar flavored menagerie.
Hosmer Mountain Cola-Red CARBONATED NON-CHLORINATED WATER, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SWEETNER, CARAMEL COLOR, PHOSPHORIC ACID, NATURAL FLAVORS AND CAFFEINE, VERY LOW SODIUM, CONTAINS LEES THAN 35 MILLIGRAMS PER 8 FLUID OUNCE SERVING  TNHosmer Cola Red Sweet, smooth and delicious. Low belch factor and it didn’t leave my teeth squeeky. Pass me another…. SO far it has about as much aroma as a glass of ice water. My mind is saying cola, but my tastebuds are saying dark brown liquid vanilla with a hint of juice from a chinese bamboo tree. I can do without the tongue paste.
Jolt Cola (Twice the Caffeine)


CARBONATED WATER, SUGAR AND/OR HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, CARAMEL COLOR, PHOSPHORIC ACID, CAFFEINE, CITRRIC ACID AND NATURAL FLAVORS  TNJolt Cola Good cola scent, dry on the throat, fizzy on the brain. I think this is the official drink of programmers. Grab a case of Jolt, a box of twinkies and a thermos of coffee and you can code for days. Otherwise stay clear if you are an insomniac. My eyes hurt now…. Jolt Cola has always tasted like a watered down version of that store brand cola that costs 25 Cents. I seem to always get a headache when I drink it. Perhaps it’s the inhuman amounts of caffeine that it claims to have. Perhaps it just sucks. My opinion will matter little because it does have quite a catchy name to it and every tweaker in town digs it.
Journey Dr. Whatever


PURE SPARKLING WATER, NATURAL SWEETNER BLEND (FRUCTOSE, PURE NATURAL CANE SUGAR, COLA NUT EXTRACT, HERB & SPICE BLEND, CITRIC ACID, NATURAL FLAVORS  TNJourney Dr. Whatever Whatever … that is exactly what I want to know! Not at all what I was expecting. The first scent is that of maraschino cherries and cola. Take a drink and the freaking aftertaste bug bites back hard. I was impressed with the 12 second belch after I guzzled the remainder of the soda in my mug. Well the name leads us to believe that this is Journey’s rendition of Dr. Pepper….I say no. Perhaps this can be best described as….say….umm….black cherry soda or cough syrup that is really runny or whatever.
Moxie Original Elixer CARBONATED WATER, CANE SUGAR, NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, CARAMEL COLOR, SODIUM BENZOATE, (A pRESERVATIVE), GENTIAN ROOT EXTRACTIVES, PHOSPHORIC ACID, CAFFEINE,AND CITRIC ACID  TNMoxie Original Elixer Since 1884 and it still tastes horrible. Dry, bitter, horrid aftertaste, and smells like stale licorice. I do not like it, no sir. The fact that it has a flavor at all is what is keeping it up by half of a mug status. Aroma=Vicks Vapor Rub
Flavor=Vicks Vapor Rub
Mystic Seaport Cola CARBONATED WATER, PURE CANE SUGAR, VANILLA, NATURAL FLAVORS AND OILS [INCLUDING CAFFEINE, CASSIA, CORIANDER, KOLA, LEMON, ORANGE, NUTMEG], BENZOATE OF SODA [TO ENHANCE FRESHNESS].  TNMystic Seaport Cola I am caught between the taste of fruit candy and bug juice. It hits well but lingers in a bitter-foul way. I do not know if I could drink another. Oh yes, mystic sea water has struck again. The arroma is that of seabass. The flavor is a tight marriage of bug candy and fruit juice.